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Enriching the school life of the children at St Matthews

Our aim is to:

  • work with volunteer parents and teachers to raise additional funds for our school. These funds provide new school materials, equipment and extra curricular activities that our children would not normally have access to, and which greatly enriches their time at St Matthew's.  


  • create social events that allow children, parents and staff to join together in a welcoming school community 

We do not:

  • manage any aspect of the school or its curriculum, and are not school governors. 

How we are organised: 


Every parent of a child at St Matthews is already a member. 

To ensure everything is run in accordance with charity regulations, the charity has elected trustees and committee members who are all parents of children at the school and are unpaid volunteers. 


This small committee work with the school to organise projects and activities and are reliant on parental volunteers from the whole school community to make fundraising possible. 

The Friends of St Matthew's Primary School (formally St Matthew's PTA) is a registered charity

Our Mission
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