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FoSMPS Class Reps

High Fives

What are class reps?

The FoSMPS committee is supported by a network of class reps assigned to each year group. 

Class reps are voted in at our annual AGM in October; there are usually 2 per year group. 

The Role of a class rep is to: 

- Manage a WhatsApp group for their year group

- Post communications from FoSMPS committee to WhatsApp group for their year group (see here for WhatsApp Code of conduct) 

- Encourage year group parents/carers to participate in attending FoSMPS events and filling volunteering slots at events

- Organise the end of term teachers' gifts using an online collection tool ( e.g Viing)

- Remind their year group of key school communications, for example school events which have been communicated via Headlines newsletter/google classroom/tapestry/ school emails

- Organise class/year group meet up/drinks (once per term).  It is recommended that when termly FOSMPS social events are organised, that cost of living and inclusivity are taken into account. For example, organising a simple drinks night excludes fewer people than a paid for event. The termly social events are not for fundraising, so also consider if a paid for event may clash/divert money away form FOSMPS fundraising events if in doubt drop us a line at If you have ideas for social events that could align with fundraising then please submit the idea using the form as outlined in the code of conduct 

 It is a great way to meet other parents and an invaluable way for us to build a school community and communicate and engage with parents/carers.

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