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Summer Fair Talent Show

Updated: 4 days ago

If you’re someone who’s wanted to sing or play, read a poem, dance or perform any talent in front of an audience, but has either not had the opportunity or confidence to do so, this might be the chance for you. A friendly crowd and all the support you need on the day to take some steps into the world of live performance. We divide the day into slots and its up to you what you want to perform. You can sing on your own to a backing track, play along with others, perhaps tell jokes or perform some magic– anything really that involves entertaining an audience. We provide a full PA, microphones, monitors and the ability to play your backing tracks so all you need to do is turn up with any instruments or props and away you go. Everyone is welcome and given how inspirational the event was before, we’re hoping more people will dip their toes in the water this time. If you are interested in taking part, please go to this link and fill in the form with a little information regarding who you are, what you want to perform if you’ll be bringing instruments. This will help us start planning for the overall setup. Get rehearsing!!


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